Former H.S. LHP, New Jersey


( Email to Dr. Crowley )


I need help!  Next year I will be a senior at a Division I college.  I am a 21 year old,  6’ 3’, 220 lb. LHP who has seemed to have forgotten how to throw the ball. I work my ass off and can do it in practice when it’s just me and the catcher… no coaches. In the game it’s a different story. I am currently being scouted by numerous teams. In my last successful outing I was by far my best. I struck out 3 out of 4 hitters that I faced with my fast ball touching 90+ mph and my curve falling off the table. After that I began talking to a lot of scouts and former players.

Ever since then I cannot find that comfort zone. I have read books about anxiety problems and all types of mental things. but cannot find a cure. It seems that after every good day. a horrible day will follow. Can you please give me some advice.


Anthony Del Grasso


Dr.  Crowley was kind enough to contact me the very next day on the telephone. I told him that I throw heat and spots in the bullpen and I’m smooth. But during a game I can’t remember my name. One day I’m OK. the next day I’m awful. It’s like I’m afraid of success. Right after my best outing the beginning of the season my confidence took a nose dive.

Dr. Crowley had me deal with my being so tight. and squeezing the ball too tightly when I’d throw it. Next he had me go after my robotic-like movement that occurs when I find myself thinking about it. We then focused on my confidence issues that had begun to erode as well as my fear of success. He used what he called the Crowley Method on all these problems. It all took place in about an hour.

The very next day, June 13th. I e-mailed Dr. Crowley what I had already experienced from the work we just did the day before.


“I threw last night and I had great control for 2 1/3 innings of work. I felt pretty good.  I was focused and hit my spots good. I saw the minimum of 6 batters and I got the 6 of them out in a row!

I threw hard and hit my spots. It was probably the best I have ever thrown control-wise. The Braves are going to follow me throughout the summer and their scout told me that he was going to call their area scout near my college to follow me during the season. He also said he would be in touch. I talked to the Devil Rays scout and he also was interested and said that he was going to follow me in the summer and during the college season.