Former Outfielder, Toronto Blue Jays

Chad Hermanson
Chad Hermanson

“My name is Chad Hermansen, I came across an ad in Baseball America that I found in the locker room. What Dr. Crowley said in it caught my attention. I contacted him immediately and we began to work on the telephone several times before we met in person as I was on the road. I had bad mechanics that had plagued me and didn’t respond to everything I had tried over the years. All the coaches I worked with couldn’t get my throwing back to where it had been in the past. Because of my ongoing problem whenever I played short, I would throw side-armed. And as an outfielder I felt limited to only chucking it. I never felt a 100% comfortable. I had been pushing it out at a different arm angle each time. a different release point each time. I never had a good follow-through. In fielding I wouldn’t be able to pick my target It would one-hop when I tried to throw it on line.

Dr. Crowley and I addressed all these issues with his highly effective Mental Mechanics approach. He mentally coached me through my problematic mechanics so I would soon be back throwing like I hadn’t thrown in years.  And with confidence!

Only two days after our first telephone session I played one game and fielded three balIs.  Two out of the three were real good… right on line. I hadn’t done that all year!

Dr. Crowley and I concentrated on two other issues: (1) not getting good extension resulting in my lack of reaching out to my target and (2) not focusing on my target: I would lose my target by the time I threw the balI …then I saw it.. then I didn’t .. then I saw it again.  It was the strangest thing to me, but not to Dr. Crowley who enthusiastically dove into the problem with me with a very confident attitude.


Four days later, I felt loose and comfortable. The ball went to where I wanted the night before during a game I became more confident with each throw. It was a powerful feeling. The previous night was probably my best game of the year Baseball was becoming more fun!”


Chad Hermansen