Christopher Mitchell

Former Pitcher, Pittsburg Pirates

Dr. Crowley,


“I have pitched in two games this fall. The first game I got a little tired by the 5th inning, but overall my control was good. The second game I threw all nine innings and struck out 12 while walking 2. I thought the

Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell

one walk was a strike out, but the umpire saw it otherwise. I did have the ball drop out of my hand once in each game before delivering the pitch. I’m not sure why, but I made the adjustment the next pitch. I guess I wasn’t thinking of Captain Caveman, Tornado, Ocean, or Cannon Bail.


I have been able to relax more on the mound in game situations, but I still think I will throw harder once I get even more comfortable with my rhythm. I’m able to control each of the five pitches and the movement on my two-seamer is back to where it was years ago. If not for most of the players using metal bats I probably would have broken about 5 wood bats last game. They had one player use wood and I broke two of his bats, but he managed a weak hit on one of the broken bats.

Overall, my foot and side feel good and I am looking forward to pitching again tomorrow. I think the time off combined with my conversations with you improved my approach to pitching. I don’t understand why more MLB teams don’t use your service.”


Thanks, Chris Mitchell