Former College Pitcher


“I have been playing baseball for the past 8 years of my life. I have the makings of being able to pitch in the majors. I’m a 6’4”. 200 pound lefty who throws in the low 80’s.With a little work I could touch 90. However while a freshman at St. Mary’s College of MD. I “forgot” how to throw a baseball! I had gotten so bad that I couldn’t play a game of catch with our second baseman without worrying about throwing the ball to him on a line instead of lobbing it. I was all over the place….low, high, kinda like how Sax and Wohlers were. I would get nervous, think too much, and BOOM! The pitch sailed off the back stop or in the dirt. I lost all the confidence I had built up and all my dreams were hanging in the balance.

I searched and searched on ways to help myself and my throwing. I came across the good doctor’s web page. I took a chance and e-mailed him. The day after we worked on my throwing problem on the telephone, I e-mailed him again saying “I played today like I didn’t have a care in the world!”

I went on to have the summer of my life and I thank this man for connecting me back to what I had before and more. I pitched against some of the best in the world at the Big League World Series. In 21 innings of pitching I had a 0.00 E.R.A.  Scouts were all over me. Now I am being approached by the Texas Rangers and possible Division 1 programs.

Because of the good doctor’s advice, I am following my dream. I want more out of myself and my future. Richard Crowley has given me the confidence to believe in myself and my heart to get there. E-mailing this man was maybe one of the best things I have ever done for my baseball career and possibly my future. If you have lost it, there is hope. Richard Crowley is one of a kind and I truly thank him.”

Ernie Herring