RHP, High School Senior, Florida


“I’m really thankful and I appreciate the help that you gave me in just two hours over the phone with the steps you walked me through. It made a huge difference in my performance. I can’t thank you enough.” Emailed January 27, 2004:

“Dr. Richard Crowley, to tell you the truth my real problem, or my biggest problem that I see is the one that is affecting my performance is not being able to bounce back after an error, or after a walk. or just some kind of failure in the game. It’s also the pressure of wanting to do good and the pressure of the people who want me to do good.

You know, I was thinking the other day what maybe caused this problem. It was after my sophomore year when it really started. I was able to control it for the first half of the season of my junior year, but then after spring break, it just hit me again.  Even though I finished the year with the best ERA of the team, 1.96, I had too many walks, and too many in a row.

What might have caused the problem was that at the end of my sophomore year was when we were eliminated in the regional semi-finals. I came in to relieve. There was one out, man on first. And there http://healthsavy.com/product/ventolin/ were a lot of people (I’m not gonna lie to you, I was pretty nervous) and we were winning 5-3. So, I walked the first batter. Then I walked the second, and I was taken out. I had just come from throwing a no hitter in Tennessee on a tournament of spring break that year and it was my second time that I was going to pitch in varsity Then we lost and that kind of stuck with me. . . that chance that we could have won the game. Well, this is my thing. I’ll be waiting for your response Dr. Crowley

Take care.” Hector

February 1st and 15th: Dr. Crowley worked with me for about two hours on the phone. We went after my problem of being unable to bounce back after a mistake; angry and disappointed with myself when I walk a hitter; pressure to do good; and how my confidence was effected following being removed from a varsity game after giving up two walks. As we finished the first session of Dr. Crowley’s work using my imagination to make me feel better I wanted to play right away. I told him “I feel like I can do anything now and that I feel like a Super Hero.”