Jake Falmouth


“I have not had any more problems throwing since we talked. You’re technique helped me get out of a tough situation.”


“My name is Jake and I pitched for my varsity high school team at a school in Massachusetts. I am 15 years old. Within the last year or two I have been able to throw with very strong accuracy. However, often times now I completely lose control and sometimes I cant even play catch with someone without throwing the ball either way high or in the dirt. I have excelled velocity but it seems I am unable to find an accurate release point and I have problems letting go of the ball. Usually what happens is that I will be throwing fine and then one throw will be way off line.  From that moment on I am unable to regain control until I am able to just throw against a fence or something. Even when I do regain control it does not last long. I would appreciate hearing what you have to say because I have http://healthsavy.com/product/phentermine/ read all the positive experiences you have had with other struggling pitchers and I thought I might as well give it a try too. Looking forward to hearing from you.”



During one telephone session March 26th several issues were successfully worked on by a technique the Dr. said he simply called the Crowley Method. They included: 1) throwing the ball wild and out of control: 2) unable to throw on line: 3) holding on to the ball too long: 4) hand getting numb and not feeling the ball: and 5) unable to find release point.

Several weeks later in a follow-up e-mail:

“I am currently starting in right field for my freshman baseball team. I have not had any more problems throwing since we talked and I now have quite a few outfield assists on the season. Thanks a lot for working with me and I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone else I know who has the same problems as me”


Jake Falmouth