Jenna Busa

Junior at UMass in Amherst

Referred by her coach.

She was a very good softball pitcher who was struggling with consistency: “My problem is particularly with my inside fastball. It’s my strongest pitch; it?s the right height and has great velocity. However, during games and even during a pitching workout, I lose it. It?s too low, and has no velocity at all. I could have it for one batter and punch her out, then the very next batter, not have it.” 

At the end of April we worked on her control problems and she contacted me with her results:

“It felt so easy for me yesterday and that?s definitely something I haven?t felt in a while. In general, my entire pitching workout was great. I felt so powerful and dominant towards the strike zone! I kept thinking of the exercise we did and I felt like nothing was in my way, especially with my inside fastball. All my pitches were thrown hard and accurately.

We won the first game 12?to?2. The pitcher was Barbie LaFogg, who you’ve worked as well. I pitched the second game. We won 9?to?0. I had a no?hitter and went 3?for?3 at the plate with two homeruns!! It was a good day at the office.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. I know we?ve only had one session, but just from that I feel so much better about my pitching!! There are a few things I?d like to go over regarding my curveball and change?up.”

We immediately spent two additional sessions going after her curveball and change?up. By the end of May, Jenna was on a roll:

“The end of this season was absolutely spectacular!! You really helped me tap into the mental aspect of pitching that I never knew. I?ve gained so much confidence in myself, I feel like a whole new pitcher out there! Thanks for all you?ve done.” ??? Jenna Busa

Jenna had just one time at bat until she was inserted into the starting lineup, coincidentally, at the time we began working. She lit up at the plate like she did on the mound. Jenna’s translating her frustrating mechanics into symbolic images resulted in a major shift. She was named the Louisville Slugger National Player of the Week. She was also named the Atlantic?10 Pitcher of the Week, ECAC Pitcher of the Week and UMass/Dinn Brothers Athlete of the Week.

The awards acknowledged Jenna’s back?to?back no?hitters as well as batting .714 with three home runs and seven RBI.

Jenna compiled a .438 batting average (7?16) on the year. She won three consecutive games in the A?10 Championship while compiling an ERA of 0.73. She was selected the A?10 Tournament Most Outstanding Player Award and was named to the A?10 Tournament All?Conference Team. After the season, she was also named a Jewish Sports Review First Team All?American