Dr. Crowley,


I wanted to extend a special thanks for helping me through my golf yips.  Specifically, you have helped tremendously in changing a stroke that I could not have played with competitively into one that I am feeling more and more comfortable playing with after every round.  


As you may recall, my problems started when I was about 36 (1998) years old.  I was playing in a state tournament where I five putted the first hole.  After that round, I decided to go to the long putter and I really never looked back.  I was not a great putter with the long putter, but I managed to make smooth strokes with it.  As time went on the yips crept into my chipping game.  It was very embarrassing to watch the ball fly uncontrollably from one side of the green to the other. Then in 2012 I started to yip the long putter.  I felt that my golf game was coming to an end unless I could find some help.  Well, that’s when I found you on the web.


I had thought that it was a lost http://healthsavy.com/product/topamax/ cause trying to find an answer to my yipping problem because most of the information that I found related to a physiological problem.  After talking with you and realizing that the problem wasn’t some change in my body but rather was between my ears, my outlook on the yips started to change.  


During our first session, you had related your theories on what the problems were and how to solve them. It took several sessions to define and conquer the monster. I noticed after each session I could do a little more and with confidence. Because of your help, I am now using the short putter and focusing in on putting the ball on my intended line instead of thinking about not yipping the ball. I am also having more fun playing the game. 


I wanted to send you this note of appreciation so that others may know of the success we have had in utilizing your methods. I am confident that others will show success from your program. I wish you all the best in your endeavor of helping golfers with the yips. 




John Green