Mark Wohlers

Atlanta Braves / Cincinnati Reds



USA Today

“RHP Mark Wohlers … found the cure to his inability to throw strikes after a session with Richard Crowley” 

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Mark Wohlers

Once a master at standing tall and steady with victory hanging in the balance,  Wohlers was in free fall in the 1998 season when he inexplicably lost his ability to throw strikes.  Before becoming a “yips” victim, Wohlers was one of the game’s premier closers, recording 98 saves from 1995-97, for the pitching-rich Atlanta Braves. The 6’ 4”, hard-throwing right-hander began struggling with his control late in 1997 but completely came apart the following season.

There was optimism in the spring of 1999 as Wohlers appeared to have gotten over his troubles. That optimism didn’t last long once the season began. Wohlers was traded to the Cincinnati Reds and general manager Jim Bowden vowed to use every method necessary to get him back on track.

Former Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Steve Sax had benefited from a session with Richard Crowley. a clinical psychologist, who prefers to call himself a performance coach, using non-traditional methods that revolve around the imagination. “I basically track the problem and I need very little information from the person.” Crowley says. “I can go right after it like a surgeon does to remove an obstruction.”