Matt Goliber

CATCHER, Sophomore, Creighton University


“I would like to be able to get back to the point where I can play ball without having the fear to fail in my head The point where the negative thoughts don’t consume me and prohibit me from doing normal things like catching the bail and making it pop when it hits my catchers mitt or throwing the ball back to the pitcher. I catch at Creighton University and am stuck in the bullpen right now because of these setbacks. I’m looking forward to enjoying this game again Dr. and any help you can give me in accomplishing this goal.” Matt


I spoke with Dr. Crowley April 11th and he walked me through his approach to help get my game back on track. We worked on my fear of not catching a ball, my struggle receiving it, and the strange experience of how the ball pops when it hits my mitt.


May 16,

Dr. Crowley, “Sorry it took so long to respond.  Things have been going much better in the bullpen.  My coach had a meeting with each of us a couple weeks ago and said the scrimmage that I had before I talked to you basically made him decide that I wouldn’t play the rest of the year So I can’t say how it is on the field I have been warning up pitchers in between innings on the field and that has been going well I’ll send you an e-mail after summer bail starts and let you know how it is going on the field” Mat P.S. I did get a chance to pinch hit late in one game a few weeks ago and I felt confident and in control, so that was positive. P.S.S.  Buck said that you have helped him look at doing something wrong as not such a big deal and that has definitely been a feeling I’ve felt.  Before when I would drop a bail I would beat myself up, now I just think “screw it” October 18, 2004:

Dr. Crowley,

“Thanks for all the e-mails.  Summer ball went really well as I thought it would, but what was a pleasant surprise was that fall bail also went well back here at Creighton. The two catchers in front of me outplayed me so I was once again stuck back in the bullpen, but at least it was because of talent reasons and not mental reasons.

The Omaha World Herald did a nice article on Buck and the work that you did with him.  He threw really well this fail, which was good to see. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to reading more of your stories and watching them on ESPN.”

Matt Goliber