Nate Milone

Catcher, Northridge, CA

“With the help of Dr. Crowley I’m was cured of whatever was wrong from eight years ago. Just to think, all it took was a 10-minute session.”

My name is Nate Milone and I was at my prime as a catcher in the Los Angeles area. I was honored with All League and given a spot in an All Star game. I had a number of scouts and colleges interested in me. I chose to attend College of the Canyons in California. At the time I was the only starting freshman on the team. Things were going very well. Then during mid-season in a game against U.S.C. something strange happened.

In the middle of the seventh inning I was not able to throw the ball back to the pitcher. I lost all control and feeling of throwing the ball. It was as if I were a four-year old throwing a ball for the first time ever! The strange thing about it was that I was able to throw the ball well in practice and to all the bases well.  My coach said he had experienced this situation before and he had heard that a sports psychologist who had successfully resolved a similar problem with Steve Sax, the Dodgers second baseman at the time. He said that he was going to locate this doctor and make an appointment for me. The doctor’s name was Richard Crowley.

After spending some time with Dr. Crowley and telling him what had happened he said, “I can fix that”. I spent time going through some technique that he had developed. At the end of his using his approach I knew something had shifted. I was still skeptical, but eager to play and see what the results would be. Some friends that I had played ball with in college who later went on to play pro ball, asked if I would be interested in playing some adult fast pitch baseball on the weekends and week nights. To say the least I was excited and agreed to play. With the help of Dr. Crowley I’m was cured of whatever was wrong from eight years ago and I now lead my adult league in all categories. i.e. batting, throwing percentages, etc.