Former College Pitcher

After being helped by Dr. Crowley and his remarkable method, my passion for baseball has been renewed. I played catch shortly after our initial phone conversation and threw with ease. While conquering this problem doesn’t happen overnight. Dr. Crowley has put me back on the right track. I’m back to where I was before I had problems this summer. Until I worked with Dr. Crowley I was battling a monster that seemed unbeatabIe.


I know how it feels to try and hide baseball’s dark secret and to deny even to yourself that you have a problem. I remember watching the 2000 NLCS and seeing Rick Ankiel struggle and melt down before a national audience. I remember my college friends laughing and making fun of him and I remember not thinking it was funny at all. I felt bad for him because I knew what it was like to battle the monster. It would have changed everything for Ankiel if they had let Dr. Crowley work with him.


If any player is battling with their own throwing monster, I strongly urge you to contact Dr. Crowley. Working with him was amazing and I believe his way of approaching the monster was extremely helpful . Dr. Crowley, once again, thanks for everything. And thanks for coming up with the Crowley Method.


Rich McGinnis