Tyler Trimbath



“My main problem is in the batter’s box. I am having problems finding the release point. Balls look like strikes and strikes look like balls. Before I even get to the plate I get nervous. I have fears of striking out, and once I do strike out I get so mad that I’m pretty much done for the rest of the game.


I hate doing badly, mainly because my father and grandfather come to every game. I feel the need to go 3?for?3 or 4?for?4. If I don’t, I feel like I let them down.


My coach doesn’t help the situation either. He can?t stand when I swing at balls and not strikes. I am a four-hitter. I feel pressured to bring in runs. This has been a problem for years now. When I have a coach who expects a lot out of me, I choke.”


I worked with Tyler over the phone again:


“I wanted to let you know that my practice went well after we spoke. I had a game every night this week. During my game on Tuesday I did not do so well. I struck out my first two times, http://healthsavy.com/product/provigil/ singled my third and grounded out my fourth. This is not too bad. I was just glad to hit the ball. The kid that we faced was drafted by the Indians. He was above average. He was a lefty throwing low 90?s with a tight slider.


My game on Thursday went better. I saw the ball a little more clearly. I had a single and two ground ball outs. I still think there is a problem though, but it is slowly getting better. However, I would like to talk to you another time.”


I worked with Tyler again and he forwarded me his results:


“Things seem to be going better and my mind seems clearer. I am more focused, relaxed and comfortable. I can see the strike zone. I had a double?header and it went very well. I had a hit in each of my games. I believe that what you did with me has helped. Thank you again.” ??? Tyler Trimbath