• pitching grip“When you throw the ball, does it ever feel ‘weird’ at times coming out of your hand, maybe a tingling feeling, or it seems to stick in your hand or is incredibly loose vs. simply being a bad throw?”


  •  “Are you aware right at the release point that “something” you can’t explain disconnects you from releasing the ball the way you intend? That “something” takes over and you have no control over your release point whatsoever?”


  •  “Are you aware of negative thoughts popping into your head right at the point of releasing the ball http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/phentermine/ that says something to the effect: ‘Don’t screw up! Don’t throw it away! What if it happens again?’ that triggers a flooding of other worrisome thoughts making you unable to focus and find your release point?”


Tinging when holding the ballIf the answer is No, the cause is due to pure mechanics. If the answer is Yes, the culprit is the Yips, and not you. I can definitely help you get over the Yips quickly and back to having fun again! Take the Yips Baseball Survey now.