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I know how it feels to try and hide baseball’s dark secret and to deny even to yourself that you have a problem. Read more

Rich McGinnis

College Pitcher

Mark Wohlers

Mark Wohlers baseball throwing problem.
Mark Wohlers

Once a master at standing tall and steady with victory hanging in the balance,  Wohlers was in free fall in the 1998 season when he inexplicably lost his ability to throw strikes. Read more …


Lisa Freihe

Freshman, Doane College

“When playing positions such as first or third base, my defensive play has been solid. My hitting has been pretty good as well.

My problem occurs on the pitching mound where I have control issues. This may come from several different factors. Read more…

Chad Hermanson
Chad Hermanson

Dr. Crowley and I addressed all these issues with his highly effective approach. He mentally coached me through my problematic mechanics so I was soon back throwing like I hadn’t thrown in years.  …Read more

Chad Hermansen

Former Toronto Blue Jays outfielder

Nate Milone

Catcher, Northridge, CA

“With the help of Dr. Crowley I was cured of whatever was wrong from eight years ago. Just to think, all it took was a 10-minute session.”  Read more …

Jenna Busa

“My problem is particularly with my inside fastball. It’s my strongest pitch;  Read more ...


Barrett Wright
Barrett Wright

After my throwing problem ended it was as though I had never had it in the first place. Read more

Barrett Wright

Former Tampa Bay Pitcher

“Dr. Richard Crowley worked with my son at the beginning of the 2013 baseball season (my son was a high school junior) when he mysteriously developed the yips. The two talked a few times and there were immediate results, allowing him to improve his confidence and his ability to make throws. My son was able to finish his high school baseball career in 2014 as a starter on a baseball team that improved its record by 8 games over the previous season. He also has improved his confidence in other sports and in other aspects of his life. Dr. Crowley played an important role in that transformation.”

 – Dennis Anderson

“I feel like I’m throwing a lot harder than I have in the last few years. It’s definitely been fun throwing over the last months which is a change back to normal for me … Read more

Adam Pallone

Former College Pitcher

Tyler Trimbath

“My main problem is in the batter’s box. I am having problems finding the release point. Balls look like strikes and strikes look like balls. Before I even get to the plate I get nervous. I have fears of striking out, and once I do strike out I get so mad that I’m pretty much done for the rest of the game. Read more…

Dr. Crowley,

Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell

Once again I’d like to thank you. I have been able to relax more on the mound in game situations, but I still think I will throw harder once I get even more comfortable with my rhythm. I’m able to control each of the five pitches read more

Chris Mitchell

Former Pitcher, Pittsburg Pirates