Billy Rosinia
2012 Illinois PGA
Senior Player of the Year

John Green – Golfer

Dr. Crowley,

I wanted to extend a special thanks for helping me through my golf yips.  Specifically, you have helped tremendously in changing a stroke that I could not have played with competitively into one that I am feeling more and more comfortable playing with after every round.

As you may recall, my problems started when I was about 36   Read More …

Mike Giska, golfer

Dec 27th 2014

I’m a 55 year old male.  I have played all sports as a child and consider myself a natural athlete.  My father got me into golf at a young age and to this day it is a passion of mine and my favorite activity.

Just over two years ago I developed a “hitch” in my swing that is still with me today. I usually cannot take the club back and through with onemotion without stopping at the top and having to start over. Read more …