If Tiger Woods really has the yips, he might want to give this guy a call

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By Alex Myers 

February 2, 2015

A chorus of golfers and analysts led by Rocco Mediate and Paul Azinger claim they could fix Tiger Woods’ golf game in a few minutes. That’s probably a stretch, but Dr. Richard Crowley thinks a couple hours should do the trick — and he can do it over the phone.Crowley is the author of Mentalball: How to beat your invisible opponent at its own game and… Read More >


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If your son or daughter has throwing problems…

How can you tell if your son or daughter’s throwing problems that suddenly appeared from out of the blue are due to their mechanics that can be addressed or if something else has “disconnected” them from how well they had been playing? Read More >




NICK CAFARDO Globe Staff April 12, 2015

Will NL exploit Jon Lester’s throwing yips?


Now the stories read that there is no problem with Jon Lester throwing to first or the other bases.

The 66 games in which he hasn’t thrown to first to check on a runner was just one of those things.

While the problem of Lester not throwing to bases has been there for a few years, according to a Red Sox source, it was highlighted on national TV in his Cubs debut against the Cardinals. St. Louis stole four bases, including three against Lester, who never once threw over to first.

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The Yips: Difficult to understand, difficult to cure

Sudden throwing issue such a mystery, players try not to talk http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/cialis/ about it

By Zack Meisel / MLB.com

Inside Major League clubhouses, it a taboo subject, confined to the office of a team psychologist or to the walls encompassing a player’s brain.

Experts take extra precaution with how they define it, fearful of classifying a player as having some deficiency or being a liability. Read More >


Nerve: Poise Under Pressure, Serenity Under Stress, and the Brave New Science of Fear and Cool by Taylor Clark. Excerpt from Chapter Six entitled The Clutch Paradox: Why Athletes Excel – or – Choke  – Under Fire:


“So Steve Blass was finally cured, thanks to Crowley’s insistent help. After all, despite Crowley’s somewhat wacky ideas, there was a method to his madness. Crowley’s real gift to Blass was far greater than helping him to destroy some imaginary demon. What he truly did was show Blass one powerful truth: in reality, there was never anything wrong with him. No mysterious “disease” afflicted him. He had no convoluted psychic problem to solve. By inspiring Blass to break free of his fretful mental clutter and take another shot at the game, Crowley helped unbind him from the chains of his anxious beliefs.

And if anyone has ever earned that joy on the baseball diamond, it’s Steve Blass.”


A Pirate for Life by Steve Blass

Written with Erik Sherman also references the history of Dr. Crowley’s helping Blass return to throwing strikes again, and successfully pitching 8 and 2/23 innings. Excerpt from Chapter 13 entitled Defeating the Damn Thing:

“Richard Crowley helped close the door on years of anguish … read more >