Mike Brown
MMA Champion

Cristina Loop  ( Tennis )


I was referred to Richard by my physical therapist when it became clear I needed to deal with my mental tennis game in addition to addressing my physical injuries. Since childhood, when I played competitive tennis extensively, my head has always gotten in the way of my game performance. Because I hadn’t played in 20 years and was only returning to the game as a casual player, I had forgotten all about those demons that plagued me as a kid.  

Within the first 5 minutes of working with Richard, I knew working with him would change my life forever. I cannot begin to explain how he does what he does, but after years of “talk therapy” I was wary of another psychologist. Instead, the path he took me on during my sessions was mind-blowing and incredibly effective. Immediately I saw results. But it was our last http://healthsavy.com/product/cialis/ session together (we only needed a handful), that completely cleared whatever obstacles had been there. I didn’t even realize it had been so powerful until I played a competition months later and my mental game was changed forever.  

My work with Richard hasn’t just become relevant to my tennis game. I can feel the effects in every aspect of my life. I notice every day how those “voices in my head” that tell me I’m not good enough have quieted down, how the anxiety when approaching an important event is gone, and how my recurrent destructive patterns have vastly diminished. 

I strongly recommend Richard to everyone, not just athletes wanting to improve their game but regular folks who want to quiet whatever is in their minds that holds them back from engaging fully in any aspect of their lives.



Guy Krueger
US Open Archery Champion