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100 Challenges Baseball  & Softball Players Can Conquer
Never say never. Never give up your dream. NEVER! There definitely is a solution to any of your mechanics that don’t make sense.

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The problem is not you, even though you may be convinced it is. The problem and solution reside in your right part of your brain, not the logical, rational part called the left brain. It is the last place you would ever have expected how to cure your yips so you can play consistently, confidently and have fun again.

Think of you and your frustrating mechanics as a turtle that has been flipped on its back. None of the turtle’s abilities can be actualized in such a perplexing position.

However, all that needs to be done is to get the turtle right?side?up again. Once it is accomplished, the turtle knows everything it needs to do to get on with its life. You don’t have to re?teach or remind the turtle what came naturally before it got flipped over.

The same is true for you. My program has helped over 5000 ball players and softball players like yourself get right?side?up too. And in doing so, you are automatically reconnected to everything you knew before your baseball yips began.

My unique approach unknown to any sports psychologists or anybody in baseball, clearly demonstrates that “something else” is orchestrating your baseball yips that manifests in your inconsistent mechanics that occur suddenly and for no logical reason.

My proven work shows you how you can cure your baseball yips, points the accusatory finger squarely at the true culprit, your “invisible opponent.” Your invisible opponent is like a “psychic virus” that infects the human mind’s software, much like a computer virus does.

Your physical mechanics are what’s visible. Your mental mechanics are what is invisible. Making the invisible visible, reconnecting to your natural mechanics ?? and having fun again ?? is the intention of my work dating back to 1983 successfully helping Los Angels Dodgers Steve Sax overcome his wild throws to first base. My program takes place quickly and you’re a happy camper again playing like you did in the past and having fun!