How To Cure The Yips

Dr. Crowley’s unique approach on how to cure the yips in players’ performance by Hall of Fame Coach Bob Bennett.

Curing the yips needs professional help.


I’m Dr. Richard Crowley, a sports psychologist, author of Mentalball and originator of how to cure the Yips dating back to 1983 when my work benefited Dodgers Steve Sax’ out of control baseball yips to first base.            

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I have helped over 5000 baseball and softball players permanently get over different degrees and various forms of baseball yips that show up in their throwing and hitting problems with my proven approach.

All the work I do curing the yips takes place over the phone.


The Difference Between Baseball Yips and Mechanics

Most coaches, parents and ball players can’t tell the difference between frustrating throwing and hitting problems being triggered from baseball Yips or if it’s mechanics that need more work. I have come up with three questions to ask yourself, or your son or daughter, to tell the difference.

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High School player clarifies differences between mechanics and baseball yips.

A college pitcher shares how to cure the yips.

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Former MLB right fielder Shawn Green was a 1st

round draft pick and two time major league All Star.

Former MLB right handed pitcher Steve Blass is current

broadcast announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates.



What is the cause of the Steve Blass disease? The Steve Sax syndrome? Chuck Knoblauch’s epic unraveling? Rick Ankiel’s meltdown? Mackey Sasser’s double?pumping? Kevin Saucier’s fear of hitting a batter? Mark Wohlers’ inability to find the strike zone?


What is the cause of the Monster? The Thing? The Baseball Yips? The Psychic Virus? The Creature? The Disconnect? The Little Man on your shoulder?

Baseball considers the cause as inexplicable, and rightfully so. It is mysterious, bizarre, puzzling, perplexing, weird, enigmatic, confusing, embarrassing, and frustrating. Once injuries and medical problems have been ruled out as the source of a player’s unexplainable mechanics, coaching is the primary solution. If problems persist, then players or teams contact me as I have helped to show over 5000 ball players how to get cure the yips once and for all!


A player may find himself lost in the no?man’s?land of the inexplicable baseball yips. The more you try to figure it out the yips, the worse it seems to get. The more you try to “understand” the yips, the more entrenched you become in your problem.

All the best reasoning, questioning and “whys” of a player’s bizarre baseball yips makes absolutely no sense – even if you know exactly when the problem began.

It is baffling. The baseball yips can last a short period of time or it may continue on and off for weeks, months or even years. The worst cases have even closed the door on players’ careers.

Baseball yips comes out of the blue for no rhyme or reason. And like a torrential storm that overflows river banks, it eventually recedes, but not before it takes its toll: players who can?t throw the ball from second to first; outfielders who make uncharacteristic error upon error; catchers who can’t throw back to the pitcher or a particular baseman; hitters who can’t lock in at the plate; and pitchers who can’t focus and become consistently inconsistent.

Baseball yips makes players literally forget how to throw and hit the ball. It’s crazy?making. It sucks the confidence and fun out of a player and sometimes drops him into a deep, dark hole of despair ?? questioning him. The good news is that my proven approach can show a player how to cure the yips permanently so they are baseball back on track and having fun again.


Videos of Other Athletes

In addition to baseball and softball players, my proven approach benefits golfers (including “belly” putters), tennis players, triathletes, archers, swimmers, ultimate fighters, football placekickers, etc.
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